e girl hair styles TikTok’s Latest Hair Trend?

e girl hair

E-girl hairstyles are characterized by e girl hair soft pastel shades and signature ’90s streaks in contrasting hues, oftentimes with ’90s-themed accessories as well, like butterfly clips and scrunchies. 

They’re experimental and fearless, and thanks to TikTok, they’ve e girl hair become the biggest subculture online. With style icons and celebrities recently spotted wearing popular E-girl hairstyles, we predict this trend will be huge throughout the year.

10 E-Girl Hairstyles to Get You On Trend

So whether you’re inspired by your fave cartoon character e girl hair or love a nostalgic ’90s trend, we’ve shortlisted the best E-girl hairstyles below. Read on:

1. Chunky E-Girl Highlights

e girl hair

The chunky E-girl highlight look is achieved by bleaching the front section of your hair to create a contrasting look against the rest of your strands. This high-contrast look pairs a dark brown base with bleach blonde front pieces.

2. Neon Fringe Highlights

e girl hair

From bobs to pixies, everyone can get the E-girl look! So why not channel your inner celebrity with neon green highlights? Use a flat iron to style your bob into these easy laidback waves.

3. Colored Bangs

e girl hair

Don’t forget your bangs! E-girl with black and blonde hair are a major look when trying out this aesthetic. That half-light, half-dark e girl hair makes a huge statement. Ask your stylist to cut your bangs about 1/4 inch above your brows to ensure this look remains modern.

4. Pretty in Pink

e girl hair

For extra E-girl points, try coloring the front of your hair a bright pink shade. This vibrant hue flatters a range of skin tones. We especially love how it looks when paired with a coordinating eye shadow!

5. Two-Tone Hair

e girl hair

You can’t talk about e-girl hairstyles without mentioning two-tone hair. When you can’t pick which pastel hair color to go for, you can get the best of both worlds with this hair color method.


e girl hair

Now trending as the “Wolf Cut” this viral haircut is taking our feeds by storm. Focusing on a shorter cut than the typical “mullet” this haircut can be amplified with colorful streaks and chunky highlights to give the ultimate e girl hair. This super grunge/ bad girl vibe is the ultimate ode to showing the world you make your own rules and never compromise.


e girl hair

If you’re not into dyeing your hair color just yet, this is the perfect hairstyle to achieve the E-girl look. Whether you opt for full pigtails or just half up half down pigtails, you’ll be sure to hit the look. We’ve seen this look sported with the cutest plaid skirts & retro sweaters paired with your fav scrunchies.


e girl hair

Pick your poison! Green, Blue, Pink whichever shade is calling your aura! Trending again is colorful hair. Billie Eilish meets E-girl hair is where your inspo is coming from for this trend. Whether you choose pastel Green, lavender or bright pink, this edgy yet feminine hairstyle trend is catching on for anyone who’s not afraid to stand out. If you’re having a hard time committing to it because your Luxy’s are blonde, no worries, you can dye them to match.


e girl hair
Gorgeous woman in night dress

 Mix that with E-girl hairstyles and you have half blonde/ half black hair. Think more sections versus highlights. We’ve seen the trend of having your hair (usually the top with E-girl) being Bleached blonde and the bottom half black. A trend you may have thought this hair look got left behind in 2005 but she’s back with a viral moment!


e girl hair

Not your typical french braids from grade school, but with a twist…no pun intended. These micro braids are taking the internet by storm and have been spotted on Queen Ariana. Braids in the front of your hair are all the rave and we can’t get enough.

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